Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!

We started out as timekeepers for cycling, and it's the sport we still know best! We travel the world year after year providing completely integrated solutions from A to Z, and Microgate products are an indispensable part of our inventory. Being fully compatible with Finishlynx photofinish systems, the Microgate product line is all you need for any flavor of cycling (Track / Road including road races, criteriums, time trials / Mountain Bike / etc.). Finishlynx software has been engineered to directly interface with Microgate products and in fact is the default timing hardware for that platform. With the RS232 output of the REI2 timer, your live timing data can be ported to any number of resources including web, TV, scoreboards, and video walls. And because Microgate products use industry-standard connections and protocols, you can mix and match different equipment from other brands with no compatibility problems, so the next time you break your expensive Swiss-made photocell, replace it with an affordable Microgate unit and save yourself a ton of $$$!

CATEGORY: Cycling (Road, Track, Mountain)
RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: REI2 timer, Polifemo Radio photocells, noise-cancelling communication system, Finishlynx photofinish (optional, 3rd-party fully compatible), tapeswitch (optional, 3rd-party fully compatible)

[REI2 Timer] [Polifemo Radio Photocell] [Noise-cancelling Headset] [Headset Amplifier]