Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!

We have been providing timing services to Equestrian sports for many years, and despite the highly-controlled environment, the challenges for timekeeping are ever-present. The Microgate product line is almost perfectly suited to this sport, with high-reliability photocells (both wired and wireless), and a high quality time base in the REI2. Featuring onboard Equestrian firmware dedicated to Showjumping, discover how the REI2 can make your timekeeping experience not only painless, but outright enjoyable! The affordability of Microgate systems makes them the obvious alternative to the more expensive systems already on the market, plus you have the added assurance of using a product line that enjoys international recognition for its reliability and ease of use.

CATEGORY: Equestrian (Showjumping)
RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: REI2 timer, Polifemo Radio photocells, lightweight wired communications system, Skunkware for Showjumping software (optional, 3rd-party)

[REI2 Timer] [Polifemo Radio Photocell] [Lightweight Headset] [Headset Amplifier]