Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!


LinkGate MF is Microgate's premium wireless solution, offering secure, digitally encoded radio transmission at distances up to 9km (approx 5 miles).


  • Transmit Start and Finish impulses as well as 14 individually identified Intermediate impulses
  • Acquire up to 16 passing speeds via radio from the same number of acquisition zones
  • Manage consecutive events with a single transmitter (i.e. the start or finish of a parallel slalom)
  • Guarantee maximum reliability and accuracy (better than +/- 4/1000 of a second) even when transmission disturbance is particularly severe, thanks to its exclusive high redundancy transmission code with error correction
  • Retransmit an unreceived signal repeatedly even after a long delay, simply by pressing the Repeat key
  • Automatically store all Start, Intermediate and Finish times, which can later be transferred and assigned to the Racetime2 and REI2 timers
  • Command MicroTab and MicroGraph scoreboards wirelessly
  • Set the competitor number and transmit it automatically to the timer
  • Transmission range of up to 2 km for the 10mw model, and up to 9km for the 500mw model (results may vary depending on topography, ambient radio interference, etc)
  • Select from 32 different available radio frequencies on which to operate
  • Select from 128 different available transmission channels
  • System is homologated and does not require any special licences

LinkGate MF User's Manual



MF 10
SF 10
MF 500
SF 500

Set competitor number

Range of frequencies from 433.875 to 434.650 MHz on a choice of 32 channels

Control of MicroTab and MicroGraph scoreboards

Transmission range in good conditions

2km 2km 9km 9km

Selection of type of impulse (Start-Stop-Lap)

Transmission of Start impulse only

Channel selection capability

110 g
110 x 50 x 27 mm
Transmission Mode
FSK digital transmission; redundancy code with information accuracy check and autocorrection
Impulse Transmission Accuracy
± 0.4 ms
Speed Measurement Resolution
1.22*10-4 s (1/8192s)
Time base
4.194304 MHz quartz ±5 ppm between -20°C and +70°C
±0.425 s/day for outdoor temperatures between -20° and +70°C
Operating Temperature
-20° / +70°C
Power Supply
Rechargeable lithium batteries • Internal recharge management • Functions also with external power supply
Battery Autonomy
Over 2000 impulses • Audible & visual charge indicators
C-MOS 8 bit microprocessor 
Keyboard and controls
Signal & Repeat keys, 2 arrow keys for setting bib numbers, Function key, On/Off key • Firmware selection of type of signal transmitted (Start, Lap 1-14, Stop) • Firmware selection of long/short signal • Firmware selection of transmission channel
256 times and 256 speeds
Radio Transmission
For data transmission EncRadio uses UHF FM short band on the 433 MHz frequency. 32 channels are available (from 433.875 MHz to 434.650 MHz), selectable with a 5 bit dip switch on the back of the device. Output power: 10mW.
Input signal on 4mm socket for normally open contact • Auxiliary input on 4mm socket for speed or second impulse (contact normally open) • ‘Modem’ input on 4mm socket (accepts RS232 or TTL) • Delayed wireless transfer of stored data

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