Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!


Microgate's Polifemo photocell establishes new standards in photocell performance and flexibility. The high-precision optics and easy-to-install design make these photocells a pleasure to use, and their reliability ensures worry-free timing all day long.

Unlike other manufacturer's cells that are nothing more than just a normally-open switch device, the Polifemo line employs an intelligent link to the timer using the standard 2-wire banana connection. Using the cell's built-in dipswitch controller, this connection allows you to use the photocell as an intelligent link to the timer for Starts, Laps, and Stops.

The Polifemo cell employs a coaxial optical system guaranteeing a line width of over 35 meters (approx 120') when used with a reflector or up to 90 meters (approx 300') with separate transmitter/receiver.

Polifemo photocells can be fitted on request with the TDMF module for remote verification of the battery-charge and signal levels; all information is relayed via the same connection pair as the timing impulse.

Ability to set delay times, double isolated outputs, onboard selection of impulse type (Start/Stop/Lap), dual operation modes (reflector-only or long range transmitter/reflector), low battery indicator, internal rechargeable batteries incorporating a "smart" recharging circuit to ensure proper charging and 12 hours operation from an overnight charge (2x standard AA batteries may be used if desired)

Also available: the ultra-simple Polifemo Light model, employing most of the features of the Standard model but without the programmability and with a decreased transmit range of approx. 15 meters (50').

Polifemo Family Overview Guide (all models)
Polifemo Standard User's Manual

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