Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!


Microgate's Polifemo Radio wireless photocell offers most of the benefits of the Standard wired photocell plus the added luxury of high-security wireless transmission. The self-contained transmitter means no messy external radios or cables, which in turn makes setup and removal that much faster. The system's digitally coded signal and onboard controller allows you to individually identify up to six intermediate times.

The Polifemo cell family employs a coaxial optic system guaranteeing a line width of over 35m when used with a reflector or up to 90 metres with a separate transmitter/receiver.

EncRadio SF impulse trnasmission system built-in, 16 possible onboard transmission channels, range of up to 2km (approx 1.5 miles), ability to set delay times, double isolated outputs, onboard selection of impulse type (Start/Stop/Lap), dual operation modes (reflector-only or long range transmitter/reflector), low battery indicator, internal rechargeable batteries incorporating a "smart" recharging circuit to ensure proper charging and 12 hours operation from an overnight charge (2x standard AA batteries may be used if desired)

Also available in the even more affordable Radio Light configuration, with all the features of the regular model but with a decreased transmission range of approx. 300 meters (1000').

Polifemo Family Overview Guide (all models)
Polifemo Radio User's Manual
Polifemo Radio Light User's Manual

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