Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!


Microgate has developed a revolutionary professional chronometer: the ñrst timer to feature fully digital connectivity (Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth). that gives you total precision while offering the versatility and flexibility to meet all professional timekeeping requirements. The new user interface couldn't be more simple. with a large touchscreen and easy connection of peripheral devices. such as a monitor. keyboard and mouse.

The immediacy of the touch screen is supported by the functionalities of the keyboard. which have been retained to give greater flexibility of access to the commands. The ergonomic layout of the keys (in terms of both spacing and positioning) and an excellent tactile response allow rapid. precise key operation.

DISPLAY ReiPro is equipped with a large touch screen colour display (7") with high brightness level (which can be set manually or automatically vía the light sensor). and has the possibility to invert the background colour. a feature that its ma

PRINTER The thermal printer allows operation at Low temperatures (-25 +70ºC). with print speeds of up to up to 8 lines a second and noiseless printing.

EVEN MORE LINES Compared with the previous model. ReiPro retains the 4 main input lines (start, stop, lap, aux) with both banana sockets and amphenol socket:

  • - One additional native input far radio line management.
  • - Implements ReiPro Net, based on Ethernet infrastructure.
  • - Retains communication with peripheral devices via RS232 and RS485 serial lines.
  • - Introduces direct communication to PC vía USB.

lt is easy to connect a mouse, a monitor, an external keyboard or a PC via the USB and HDMI ports provided. Two Ethernet ports facilitate the creation of LAN ReiPro Networks without the use of switch and internal WiFi and Bluetooth modules allow you to fully exploit all the resources available on yo

Memory capacity:
The REIPRO has 8 GB expandable up to 128 GB

Single Starts:
Events such as alpine skiing. mountain bike races. downhill races. hillclimbs etc. Possibility to manage an unlimited number of competitors on the track. Application of the BIBO rule for start list inversion. Materials test: for the measurement of average and top speeds, for acquisition of air temperature and humidity and snow temperature. Suitable also for the acquisition of wind speed data.

Group Starts:
Particularly suitable for competitions such as cross-country skiing. marathons. cross country runs. cycling etc.

Simple Stopwatch:
• Management of light athletics events. ideal for displaying times and lap speeds. • Countdown management • Cycling • Carving events management • Motorsport • Possibility to stop/restart the timer with scoreboard display (basketball, time out).

Parallel Slalom:
Possibility to manage races without a start impulse (using only difference between finish times). with single start (starting gates) or double start (two separate start impulses).

Show Jumping:
Timing for single. one-phase. two-phase and consecutive jump-off in both table A and C in accordance with FEI rules. Simple and immediate attribution of time and point penalties. Jump-off. Points competitions. Sophisticated rankings management.

Race management in manual mode or via the use of touchpads. Possibility to automatically detect the Lane from which the impulse originates. Automatic management of the length counter. with the possibility for manual intervention in the event of missing impulses. Sophisticated rankings management.

PC On-line Program:
Use of the chronometer as a time base for remate management via PC. Classic car trials: management of one or more impulse acquisition stations (via pressure switch or other sensor type) and pairing of the bib number with the impulse acquired.

Track-based events:
An excellent program for speed skating and track cycling

Useful for measuring average speeds and speeds at points along a course, for taking air temperature and humidity and snow temperature. Suitable also for the measurement of wind data.

All programs allow great flexibility of use and adaptability to almost any type of competition. Scoreboards can be addressed and managed in many different configurations, onboard results management is a snap and can be configured in many different ways, and the device can be networked with other REI's to accomodate advanced timing requirements.

REI PRO General Manual
Link to all specialized REI PRO manuals


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