Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!


Microgate's popular self-contained Training Packs are the perfect timing solution, offering reliability, versatility, and affordability in a lightweight yet heavy-duty form factor. Available in several configurations, our most popular kits are the Standard Wintersports Pack and the Lightweight Training Pack. Each pack contains a portable ready-to-race wireless solution that is ideally suited to pre-race training, wax testing, warmup runs, or any other application where mobility is required.

STANDARD WINTERSPORTS PACK (ideal for skiing, snowboarding, etc):
Kit contains FIS Start Gate & wand, Racetime2 Timer, a single set of Polifemo Radio Photocells, LinkGate wireless encoder/decoder set plus weather cover, hardwood photocell posts & mounting brackets, all necessary cables, ultra-rugged weatherproof padded backpack

LIGHTWEIGHT TRAINING PACK (ideal for athletics & other individual start/finish configurations):
Kit contains Racetime2 Timer, 2 sets of Polifemo Radio Light Photocells & reflectors (start & finish), photocell & reflector tripods, LinkGate wireless decoder, ultra-rugged weatherproof padded shoulder bag


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