Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!

Alpine ski racing has been a mainstay of our business since the early 1980's. From a timing equipment perspective it is one of the most demanding environments to work in. It is also a perfect way for us to demonstrate the reliability of our products under often-difficult conditions! With large numbers of competitors hurling themselves down the hill for hours on end in all weather conditions, it the ultimate proving ground for professional timing equipment. Given that we are often timing outdoors, completely unprotected from the elements, our belief is that if our products can work under these strenuous conditions, they will work for you, too! Our products are now FIS APPROVED (homologation numbers are listed on the relevant product pages of this website).

CATEGORY: Alpine Ski, Snowboard
RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Racetime2 timer, Polifemo photocell sets, Linkgate bib commander, FIS-appoved startgate, lightweight communications system

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