Finally, affordable timing gear that's fun to use!

Welcome to SPORTSTIMINGINTERNATIONAL.COM, the latest addition to the Phoenix group of sports timing providers that includes Phoenix Sports Technology, SportsTimingUSA and (the biggest & best sports timing support forum on the web)! STI specializes in Sales & Service for the complete line of innovative Microgate sports timing products, recognized around the world for their rugged durability and affordability. Ready to learn more? If you have a few minutes, click over to our Products page to learn more about putting the fun back into sports timing!

Training Packs Microgate's innovative products offer a unique combination of wireless & conventional wired technology, ease of use, reliability, and affordability. Now into their 20th year of production, Microgate products have long since proven themselves worthy. Their innovative all-in-one Training Packs are used by many elite sports teams around the world for training and preparation, and because many Microgate components employ proprietary wireless technology, you no longer have to worry about time-consuming installations and can instead focus on serving your event. Last time we counted, we at STI have over 30 years' experience in the sports timing industry: that translates into a lot of knowledge that we put to work for you every day. Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional timekeeper, we have the solutions that will make your life easier.

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